About What?
A cultural fest was established 6 years ago and was christened "Nirvana". As it is the case with many firsts, the students worked with untold enthusiasm and fervour and there took birth the Team Nirvana! It all started with Nirvana 04, which is one of the most important Nirvanas because it laid the foundation for all the subsequent editions of Nirvana.
By Who?
Nirvana is organized with great pomp and splendour by the Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology (MGIT) which has grown rapidly since its inception in 1997 by the Chaitanya Bharathi Educational Society (CBES) in a tranquil atmosphere at Gandipet.

But Why?
Over the years M.G.I.T has always emphasized on the need for overall growth. In this regard, the college encourages Students to come forth and organize various activities, to inculcate responsibility and group dynamics.
Now What?
With the experience that Nirvana has gained, it seems like the snowball of success is just gaining momentum and with it unfolding into a 5 day event, Nirvana'14 promises to be bigger and better to take you and your experience as close as possible to the true meaning of Nirvana: Enlightenment.